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What better time of the year to be in conversation with Hallmark’s VP of Chief Care Officer, Ted Stodolka! Ted shares some amazing insights on Customer Experience from his journey at both Marriott and Hallmark. He touches on the importance of being easy to work with, how to implement bots successfully and key characteristics that drive strong Customer Experience Cultures. Listen-in to understand the importance of having a strong ‘why’ and one incredibly powerful action leaders can take to drive customer centricity.

The Customer Experience (CX) Guru with Eric Michrowski

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Ted is a Global Strategist who has planned, developed, and operated support centers across Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East. Adept at planning for and responding to regional nuances in markets and business culture. He has a history of designing services to support new sales and support channels, grooming managers to build top-ranking, highly satisfied sales and service teams, and leading efforts to embrace technologies that foster better collaboration.

As VP of Care at Hallmark, Ted built a unified global Care strategy that enhances customer relationships through effortless, affirming, touch points along the customer journey. By eliminating effort-filled interactions across the enterprise including marketing, advertising, social media, retail outlets, digital, and loyal programs, cost is reduced, and customer relationships are deepened.

Through clear KPI measurements, his team has reduced customer contacts by; replacing effort filled marketing efforts with effortless engaging communications, simplified the digital shopping experience, and implemented easy to understand loyalty program changes. These efforts, and others, resulted in material decreases in contacts to Care and reduced operating cost.