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The Impact of Civility on Workplace Culture & CX with Dr. Lewena Bayer



Understanding Workplace Civility

In conversation with Dr. Lewena Bayer, regarding the importance of workplace civility to improve employee experience. Today’s discussion revolves around the effect of communication between co-workers, and equality in work environments to improve workplace culture. Topics discovered include the definitions of civility and how to measure it, the case for civility in the business setting and how it impacts Customer Experience (CX) outcomes. To learn how to develop civility skills such as social intelligence and cultural competence – tune in!

The Customer Experience (CX) Guru with Eric Michrowski

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For more than 20 years Dr. Lewena Bayer, CEO of Civility Experts Inc., 16-time published author and thought leader, has been striving to build better communities and workplaces all over the world. Lew, who believes that civility is its own reward, has been internationally recognized as a leading expert on civility in the workplace. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts Inc. – which includes 501 affiliates in 48 countries has supported 1000s of organizations in building better workplaces.

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