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Why is a sound Digital Customer Experience Necessary?

In today’s context, the importance of a seamless and consistent digital customer experience is imperative for success. However, the opportunity for companies to provide an exceptional digital journey is often missed. Today we are in conversation with Jason Cranford Teague, a writer, professor and pioneer in the UX Design space. He shares some insights and ideas on the importance of connecting the journey, building trust in the digital space to maximize the impact to the overall Customer Journey. Too often, the digital experience isn’t fully integrated or isn’t designed for the actual user in mind. Get some ideas to maximize the value you create in the digital customer experience!

The Customer Experience (CX) Guru with Eric Michrowski

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Jason is a creative strategist, writer, and speaker who writes and teaches about digital design and development. He is currently the UX Lead at Rivet Logic and teaches classes on experience design at Drexel University.